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KStor 8200 clustered storage

Kstor 8200 is a horizontally extended file storage system designed for massive 

unstructured data storage. The standard x86 server is used as the basic building 

unit to provide a globally unified file level block level and object storage interface for applications.

This system combines the self-developed high availability technology horizontal expansion technology 

with the unique automatic fault detection and rapid fault recovery technology to ensure the application

 to run continuously and stably.

Large scale distributed storage platform
metadata server and storage server are clustered
EB level storage pool 100 billion level file management capabilities
Multi node multi thread concurrent reading and writing data
Automatic fault detection high-speed self-healing and hierarchical storage
Data distribution read and write to achieve global load balancing
Simplified installation time-free maintenance and lower TCO

system architecture

Distributed architecture

Number of storage nodes

3-10000 stations

Number of metadata nodes

2-128 stations

System characteristics

Distributed file system, support global namespace, dynamic expandable



Maximum number of files

Over 5000W documents

Network type

Gigabytes / 10000 megabytes, Infiniband

Data protection mode

1-4 copies, N + m erasure code

Hard disk type supported


Support agreement


Number of clients

100 thousand

Remote replication

Support real-time asynchronous remote replication


Web Chinese English Management

Support client

Windows Linux UNIXMACAIX

working temperature


Working humidity



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