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Fingerprint Recognition

TIME:2023-04-23 11:51       

Jinpin AI server assists partners in aiding 4-country criminal investigation laboratory projects


Project background:

Foreign aid projects are humanitarian aid provided by the Chinese government to third-world countries facing economic difficulties in terms of national construction, goods, technology cooperation and training, and foreign exchange based on the principle of internationalism. The implementation of the project to aid 4-country criminal investigation laboratories, such as Ethiopia, is managed by the China International Economic and Technical Cooperation Center, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Commerce responsible for procurement. The center has undertaken a series of foreign aid projects, including general material aid, South-South cooperation, and foreign aid training. Jinpin assisted partner Jiangsu Xugong Group in ensuring the implementation of this project. As a leader in the engineering machinery industry, Jiangsu Xugong Group also shoulders the responsibility of "making the world a better place".


Project application:

The Jinpin AI server provided for this aid mainly focuses on fingerprint feature extraction and comparison analysis applications in criminal investigation laboratories. There is no fingerprint that is completely identical to another, and based on this characteristic, fingerprint feature extraction and comparison analysis is an effective identification method in criminal case investigation.


With the rapid development of computer technology, criminal investigators use computers to establish fingerprint information databases, which significantly improve work efficiency through computer-based feature retrieval and recognition, far more than manual retrieval. Computer technology fingerprint retrieval has greatly enhanced the ability to solve criminal cases.


Project requirements:

High performance, high computing power

Has strong data and image processing capabilities;

Data storage

Massive data storage, excellent I/O performance, and data security;

Stable operation

Redundant design, ensuring system stability and preventing crashes;


Delivery plan:

Products include multiple Jinpin high-performance computing servers, such as cloud comparison servers, database storage servers, collaborative servers, front-end web servers, and application scheduling servers, and an English version product manual.


High performance

Supports Intel Xeon scalable processors and mainstream GPU computing cards, providing computing acceleration technology to achieve ultra-high computing power and image processing capabilities;

High reliability

Equipped with power and fan redundancy technology, supports disk array technology, ensuring data security and machine stability;

Simple management

BMC management module provides SOL, remote KVM, remote power on/off, system monitoring, virtual media mapping, and OS deployment management functions; the web interface simplifies maintenance work, speeds up problem-solving speed, and improves system availability.


Project value:

The database server is used for personnel collection and storage of fingerprint image libraries, the processing server is used for automatic feature extraction from images, the collaborative server is used for scheduling comparison tasks sent by users, which are then stored in a queue and distributed to comparison servers. The comparison server uses deep learning artificial intelligence technology and high-performance parallel computing technology based on image recognition technology, significantly reducing the number of labeled samples required for comparison performance enhancement and achieving fast precision improvement. It processes tasks sent by the collaborative server and sends the comparison results to the collaborative server. The web server faces client users, providing various queries. The fingerprint comparison algorithm uses heterogeneous computing architecture deployed in GPU+CPU heterogeneous supercomputers for fingerprint image data with billions of scales, which reduces the I/O bottleneck in fingerprint comparison calculation and greatly improves computing efficiency.


As a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in server customization and industry application solutions, Jinpin is committed to providing users with professional servers, GPU deep learning workstations, storage products, and industry application solutions for AI, cloud computing, HPC, and machine vision detection.

This is the first time that Jinpin has assisted in an external aid project. In the future, Jinpin will actively respond to the national Belt and Road Initiative and create its own public welfare value, making Jinpin a valuable, responsible, and warm-hearted enterprise.

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