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        The essence of O & M security management lies in the timely discovery of various anomalies in the O & M process. In the era of big data, anomaly information is often distributed in a large number of systems and hidden in massive amounts of data, and there is only “pan-correlation” "Relationships have been difficult to identify anomalies manually, and only by means of automated methods for comprehensive data collection and intelligent analysis can anomalies be located quickly and accurately.
        Data is the source of management, and in-depth mining and analysis of data related to operation and maintenance security to find anomalies and drive the optimization / improvement of safety management methods is the only method of current operation and maintenance security management and the core concept of the RIS system. ——Data-driven operation and maintenance security management.
Product Features:

Data-driven operation and maintenance security management

Data collection
       Through remote protocol, API and other methods, it can automatically collect various safety-related data on servers, network devices, databases, and middleware.

Data analysis
       Use big data analysis, machine learning, data mining and other technologies to perform intelligent correlation analysis on the collected data to find various risks or anomalies

Data application
       According to different O & M security management scenarios, hierarchical classification presents various data anomalies in this scenario, and then provides a clear direction of correction and data support for the next step of security management optimization.

Strengthen operation and maintenance safety management

Account security management - account collection, account analysis, abnormal display
      Realize the collection of accounts on the operating system, network equipment, database, and middleware in an automated manner, regularly check the accounts for abnormal accounts such as ghost accounts, zombie accounts, and accounts that have not been changed for three months. Display, analyze the impact range of abnormal accounts, and realize the management of the entire life cycle from account creation, use, and destruction.

Asset security management - asset inventory, configuration verification, vulnerability screening
      Realize the management of abnormal assets in an automated manner. Abnormal assets include management exceptions (resources are not managed), configuration exceptions (resource configuration items do not meet compliance requirements), and management of abnormal assets and abnormal configurations. Combined with tenable to realize the visual analysis of resource vulnerabilities, the association analysis realizes the full life cycle management of assets.

Operation safety management - operation authority, operation audit, operation retrieval
      It can realize the dynamic management of the access rights of operation and maintenance personnel to resources, and can realize the dynamic management and control of the user's operation permissions on the operation terminal, operating system, network equipment, database, middleware and complete records of the operation behavior, and can handle abnormal operations. Conduct automated analysis and display of behavior.

Value and revenue

The following values and benefits that can be brought about by anomalous assets (unmanaged assets, non-compliant assets, assets with security vulnerabilities) based on automation:

Compared with manually sorting out resource information and configuration information, automated resource security management methods can greatly improve work efficiency and minimize the security problems caused by abnormal assets.
Based on the visual display of the business view, we can understand the current security status of assets and the impact range of abnormal assets from a higher level. Make abnormal assets more obvious.
The technology based on big data analysis makes the management of abnormal assets more intelligent, intelligently performing asset sub-discovery, compliance inspection, and vulnerability analysis. Let the manager's perspective focus on the analysis and handling of abnormal assets.

Product configuration


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