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Jinpin Business Emergency Solution

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      The Jinpin business emergency system is a business continuity protection product. It breaks through the traditional data protection and only protects files and databases. By copying the operating system, application software, databases, and data files, it achieves a comprehensive protection of the system. It can solve the problems of continuous operation and data loss that cannot be solved by the traditional backup method, and ensure that business and data are recovered in seconds.

Product Features

       Online copy of operating system and data, support regular multi-version snapshot:
     When the business system is running normally, the operating system, application software and data can be copied in all directions, and a historical snapshot of multiple time points and multiple versions can be formed.
       Simultaneously perform hot standby switching on multiple servers:
       Built-in hot standby function, you can achieve dual hot standby function of production server without special dual-machine software.
       Simultaneously perform business-level disaster recovery emergency on multiple servers:
      A set of business emergency system can protect multiple production servers at the same time. If the services on multiple production servers fail at the same time, a set of business emergency system can simultaneously work to replace multiple business systems. The emergency replacement time is approximately equal to the original business system restart time, which can normally be completed within a few minutes.
       Business continuity management function:
      Built-in business continuity management function module, which can realize the management of business system emergency plan, emergency process, risk assessment, etc., help users to standardize emergency management process, identify and analyze potential disaster risks to determine their information system Operational threats, and establish a comprehensive continuous management plan to prevent or reduce the losses caused by disaster events to the operation of information systems.
      Automatic recovery for multiple servers:
     Automatic recovery is a set of snapshot version selection and recovery process functions built into the business emergency system. Once the application system fails, the business emergency system will replace the business system. When the failed server has recovery conditions, set the recovery strategy in the background of the business emergency system, including the recovery target volume and snapshot version, enable the strategy after the setting is completed, and automatically perform the recovery operation.
      Automated disaster recovery:

     The business emergency system has the function of automatically monitoring the running status of the production server, and can automatically replace the failed production server in accordance with a predetermined strategy when the production server fails.


        Second-level business recovery:

     The business emergency system can not only realize the backup and recovery functions realized by traditional backup software, but also recover the functions of the business stopped by the information system disaster within tens of seconds, ensuring that the business system has high availability and rapid disaster recovery capabilities. To ensure business continuity.

        Full backup:

        The business emergency system not only backs up the data of the business system, but the backup includes the business server operating system and the complete software environment in which the business runs, including the operating system; database system; middleware system; various application systems, etc.

       Using COW snapshot technology:

      The snapshot of the gold product business emergency system adopts COW technology. Each generated snapshot can be used independently without merging the full amount and the increment. The storage occupied by the snapshot is only the variable part. With the deduplication technology, it can greatly Reducing the capacity requirements of disaster-tolerant storage significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.

       Smart automated disaster recovery technology:

      The integration of gold product research and development with automatic monitoring and response technologies including heartbeat monitoring, network connectivity monitoring, and business-level simulation monitoring makes it possible for unattended operation and maintenance of user business systems, and achieves a disaster tolerance index that RTO approaches "0". .

       Easy to use and maintain:

      The operation management of the business emergency system adopts the WebUI in Chinese. No management software needs to be installed. Any terminal with network interoperability can easily log in to the business emergency system management program through a browser for operation and management.
The management system of the business emergency system fully considers the user's experience, and complex business logic is built into the system. The user can use the functions of the business emergency system with only a few mouse clicks.

      Unique hot standby technology:

    The hot-standby technology developed by Jinpin allows users to obtain dual-machine hot-standby functions and disaster-tolerant backup functions at the same time without using dual-machine software

Specification model

Scope of application:

Applicable to any IT business system that is more sensitive to interruption and system failure, 7 × 24 uninterrupted critical business host; periodic critical business host; key workstation; key desktop computer.

Government: release of information and government orders; taxation, social security; industry management, project declaration and approval; e-government of administrative supervision and information exchange

Enterprise: Support system for key business; various payment systems and e-commerce; office, mail and other systems


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