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 After-sales service quality goals:
      100% customer service satisfaction;
      For the after-sales service support of major customers, establish an inter-departmental collaboration team to ensure faster response to users' repair and technical support needs.
Repair method:
      When the user's equipment fails, you can directly call Jinpin's after-sales service repair phone: 4008-189-189, customer service staff will assist you to solve the problem encountered, or you can visit the Jinpin Group website http://www.jpgd.cn Get product and technical support.
service method:
warranty period:
      Jinpin Company implements a three-year free warranty and free on-site repair services for the hardware of servers, workstations, storage and other complete products that are normally sold. The "Valid Warranty Certificate" in the attachment is used to determine the warranty period of the product. Through value-added services, five-year free warranty and on-site repair services can be provided.
After-sales service network:
      Jinpin's after-sales service network mainly uses Beijing as its headquarters and Shanghai and Guangzhou subsidiaries as its maintenance centers to radiate to surrounding cities. At the same time, there are after-sales maintenance service engineers in nearly 20 cities including Changchun, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Handan, Xi'an, Hefei, Changsha, Xinjiang, Nanning, Hangzhou, Jinan, Harbin, Nanjing, etc., which can radiate to surrounding cities to meet users Demand for equipment on-site repair services. For service requirements in other regions, service engineers can be assigned to the site for processing through value-added services.
Spare parts service:
      During the warranty period, if the product needs to be repaired for a long time due to special reasons (the product with a valid warranty certificate and the normal warranty service), Jinpin will provide spares / spare parts with similar performance for free to ensure customers Use of the product.
Routine maintenance services:
      In order to ensure the security of the complete products such as servers and workstations that you have purchased, and at the same time to achieve higher performance, reduce the risk of downtime, and extend the service life, we will provide free complete products within the warranty period. On-site routine maintenance services.
Services include: whole machine cleaning and dust removal; whole machine operating status check; troubleshooting potential safety hazards. The service object is limited to server products purchased by Jinpin Company and provided by Jinpin Company with normal after-sales service. For the time being, it is limited to non-IDC managed machines within a radius of 30 kilometers from Jinpin Company's maintenance center in Tianjin and Beijing.
24-hour after-sales technical support phone: 4008-189-189 022-29300239
Mobile: 13910536649 15901121887

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