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Jinpin KX 6950 Portable Workstation

Portable, high-performance, mobile GPU computing system, primarily used for outdoor, field, on-site training, scientific computing, life science systems, molecular simulations, energy, climate and weather modeling, computational physics, biochemistry simulations, data analysis, satellite imaging, and other application requirements.

Suitable for high-performance computing in laboratories, fieldwork, or on-site training in research and energy analysis industries.


Easy to Carry

The BX-6950 portable workstation is an integrated structure of chassis, display, keyboard, and mouse with a handle, making it easy for you to move and use anywhere.

Standard workstations are typically placed in a good office environment or a professional machine room cabinet, which is very inconvenient for on-site or outdoor industry data computing, processing, and storage. Therefore, a portable workstation is a better choice to meet outdoor applications.


High Performance-Price Ratio

The BX-6950 portable workstation can support up to two high-end GPU cards and one independent graphics card, providing high performance that can run stably whether you are outdoors or indoors.

It can perform real-time high-speed data acquisition, graphics and image processing, scientific computing, video editing, large-scale CAD/CAM, GPU computing, and other high-end data processing tasks.

It can perform data acquisition, processing, and storage for industry work at any time and anywhere, making it the first choice for outdoor workers.


Powerful Computing Performance

It adopts the new generation of Intel® Xeon® Cascade-Lake Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze series scalable processors, which have made significant improvements compared to the previous generation of products.

This includes the ability to support more cores, upgrade support for DDR4 memory, and improve system performance. More and faster QPI buses are used between processors, significantly improving the cooperation efficiency between CPUs.

The processor integrates a 4-channel memory controller and supports up to 2133MHz DDR4 memory. Memory bandwidth performance can be improved by up to 35%, providing higher performance for various applications.





347 x 542 x 226mm (H x W x D)


2 Intel® Xeon® Cascade-Lake Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze series scalable processors


Supports 16 DIMM slots

Supports DDR4 2933MHz ECC RDIMM memory


Intel® C621


21.5-inch, 1920×1080, high brightness


2 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports

Graphics chip




Other interfaces

2 x USB 2 .0  2 x USB 3.0 1 x  COM


1 front power button, 1 front system reset button

1 side screen menu button, 1 side screen return button

2 side screen direction buttons

Power supply

1000W tower power supply

Operating system

Windowsubuntu CentosSUSEVmware

Operating temperature

0 50

Operating humidity



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